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The INTREPID picks up speed and breaks from the debris filled battlefield in space.

Ten Bahn orbs see that the ship is gaining momentum and hurling itself towards the third mother vessel. They break their attack on the remaining Intrepid Cruisers and chase after the lead ship. They fire random shots, hitting the INTREPID in the aft quarter, but the ship continues to gain speed leaving them slowly behind.

The INTREPID suddenly slams into the mother vessel's hull, exploding on impact. The ships reactor core goes off an instant later sending large portions of the mother craft out into space.

The explosion is tremendous.

The gigantic shock wave caused by the explosion hits the AVENGER and both the local fleets in the area, knocking all of the present ships and orbs off course and out of control. The sparkling aftermath showing that the mother ship was completely annihilated and that the explosion even hit the fourth mother ship on the other side of the planets orbit.

The General picks himself up off the floor and scrambles to his Command Chair.

"What ship was that?"

"I…I am not sure, General."

(Cuts in)
"It was the Intrepid, General."

"Are you sure, Gar!?"

(Sadly looking out at the scattered burning fragments)
"I…I am sure."

Woe fills the Generals face. He sits back deeply in his Command Chair for a brief moment and then tries to collect himself. He rises in his chair taking a firm grip on the armrests.

"Lets not let their sacrifice be one that was in vain!…"
(He looks about his now angered crew, noticing those that were once part of Captain Green's original crew)
"…Lets finish this!"

The scene fades to black…

"Archangel (Part II)"


There is a view from space that shows that all of the remaining Alliance ships (about 50) orbiting the Earth are completely surrounded by Bahn orbs. There are scattered debris of both Alliance ships and Bahn orbs sprawled throughout the area and there are still red glowing embers of the massive explosion caused by the INTREPID's last ditch effort.
For a moment, both sides stare at each other doing nothing, but wait for a first ship on either end to make the first move. In the background, the last mother ship is splintered at several locations, but still completely intact. Several small Bahn ships maneuver to her side to protect her.

General Rodar sits back in his seat then slightly turns in his chair, talking over his right shoulder at LT Gar.

"Prepare a full spread of Harmonic Torpedoes!…I want that last mother ship out of commission."

(Looking up from his terminal)
"General!…A smaller orb is moving closer to our position."

"Power readings, Mr. Khar'Ter?"

(Looking back at his terminal)
"Negative…However…This orb does have the same irregular dimension which contacted us a few weeks ago."

(Whispering loudly)
"Talaria's orb!"

General turns back at LT Gar, more to check on his facial response. But LT Gar's face is one of anger, not resentment.

The small orb comes within a few thousand feet of the AVENGER and then begins to rotate where the orbed edges are vertical.  Inside the orb, the figure of a naked woman with long hair begins to form inside with her arms stretched outwards.  Inside the AVENGER's Command Bridge, the entire crew is witnessed to see Talaria's face once again on the entire main viewer.

(With an eerie smile)
"This war…This battle…is over!"

The General rises to his feet. He places his arms on his hips and stares out at the projection with a stern look.

"I should say so…It shall be an unconditional surrender on your part…shall it not?"

"My part?…"
"…Mister, you are fool to believe that you have won. As we speak, the entire Romulan home world is merely seconds away from being annihilated."

The General closes his eyes for a moment. For a brief second, there is a brief view of his daughter (LCDR Rodar) sitting at her command chair screaming as her ship takes another tremendous hit.

(Collects his thoughts)
"You may be right…but your only source of procreation shall be destroyed as well!"

"You have so much faith…in the little things you still do not have."

"And you are a fool to believe that I will just lay down my arms and surrender!"

"There are heavy casualties on both sides."

"There is possible extinction at both ends…But we are not willing to go out quietly in the dark!"

"Is that your dirge, General?"

"That is my word of death!"

"And what about your word of life?"
(Looks around the compartment)
"Your crew…are they truly willing to make the same sacrifice?"

(Doesn't event have to look around)
"Whether we live or die, just to have the knowledge to know that your race will soon die will be enough!"
(He slightly turns his head and looks deep at Talaria's projection)
"It never occurred to me…not until now…that I now know who you really are."

"Do you?…"

"Behind the mask…the masquerade…you are a projection of the Crystalline Entity herself."

"Do tell."

"You are the angry bitch that started this whole mess…out of the loss of your lover…somehow you…you feel that your love must be replaced….to endure."

"Very good…I am…impressed."

"This whole war, this battle…The time you spent changing Gar's DNA…this is all to suit your need."

"You are so very true, General. My need is to breed. I am at the end of my line now. This new body will give me what my race needs the most. Life to endure."

"This ship…has been a target all along…"
"…You could have destroyed this ship anytime you wanted…but Gar's presence prevented it. While he was marooned, you saw your chance. He was not the kind that killed your lover…he was not human."
(He stares out at the projection of Talaria, knowing he is right)

"A filth that I will eradicate from the universe."

The General smiles and laughs a little. He steps back to his chair and takes a seat.

(Lowers his head)
"You are right…this war is over…"

(Standing tall at his station)
"Then…you are not the woman that I am…"
(He shyly, but quickly looks around the compartment)
"…That I am in love with."

"Her memory anagrams are inside me…Everything she was, everything we shared…are true!"

LT Gar's right hand slowly moves down on the face of his terminal.

"No…there IS something missing…"

From outside the AVENGER fires a Quantum Torpedo that instantly smashes into the orb containing Talaria. There is a shriek the entity makes as the center of the orb is smashed into a million tiny pieces. The Quantum Torpedo passes through the orb, smashing through several other orbs behind it until it disappears well into the Earth's atmosphere.

"…The Bajoran side."

The once dormant Bahn orbs surrounding the Alliance fleet begin to move and make howling noises. The frequency wave patterns of their howls can be heard inside the AVENGER's Command Bridge. There is a rattled tone that loudly emanates from Mr. Khar'Ter's terminal.

"General!…Power signatures are increasing inside the orb vessels!"

(Activates Open-Mic)
"All ship's prepare to…"

(Cuts in)
"General…I am also detecting several rifts forming from behind the Bahn fleet!"

From behind the outnumbering Bahn fleet are twelve large purple and white rifts that tear open. From within the rifts, twelve black and yellow Species 8472 Battle Ships pass through each firing their plasmatic energy beams outward catching the Bahn and the Alliance by complete surprise.

Instinctively some of the Alliance vessels begin to fire at the Bahn orbs, catching them in a coincidental crossfire. The Bahn begin to fire back at both the Species 8472 ship's (with little effect) and the Alliance fleet (taking out a Romulan Warbird and a Defiant Class Heavy Cruiser).


The AKIRA is hit again, shaking the entire crew and tossing many of her bridge personnel to the floor. LCDR Rodar is able to hold herself in the Command Chair as the ship takes another direct hit.

"Mains are down!…weapons and shields are also down!…We're dead in the water!"

The Bahn orbs (numbering now in the hundreds) pass through the now battered Alliance fleet of Akira Medium Cruisers and dodge about the orbit of Romulous looking for a way passed the planetary defenses. They move in a liquid swarm on a trajectory headed to the northern top of the planet.

There is a sudden realization amongst them that the planetary defenses do not protect the North Pole regions. They collect themselves over the planet – many were destroyed by the lower planetary defenses, then begin to dive downward in a safe trajectory towards the planets surface.

Suddenly, the first hundred orbed ships are taken out by off camera phaser and disrupter fire, catching the rest of the red crystallite fleet off guard.

The view pans over showing the fleet of larger ships; four Sovereign Battle Cruisers, four Galaxy Class Cruisers, and two Dreadnaut Heavy Cruisers. This mighty Alliance fleet swiftly moves down and covers the northern parts of the hemisphere and fire with a ferocity never seen before.

Inside the lead Sovereign Cruiser, Admiral Riker sits at the Command Chair with a stern look.

(Looking out at the main monitor)
"Continue to fire at will!"

The Bahn ship's try to retaliate with concentrated crystallite beams, but from below the parked Alliance fleet, twenty Pantorian Battle Cruisers move up into a position in front of the Alliance fleet, using their aquatic shields to fend off any Bahn attack. The Bahns crystalization beams bounce off the Pantorian shields and spread outward into deep space.

Back on the AKIRA, Admiral Rikers voice can be heard hailing the lead Akira Class Cruiser. There are small explosions and debris spread out on the Command Bridge.

(Voice only)
"Commander Rodar…respond!"

LCDR Rodar is one the floor just in front of her Command Chair.  The wind has been knocked out of her and she is still able to gather the strength to look about the debris and spark filled compartment.

(Voice only)
"Commander Rodar…Please respond!"

LCDR Rodar sees many wounded officers, but also sees many more crewmembers assisting them to their feet. Her Science Officer steps over to her and helps her up and back into the Command Chair.

(Tapping on a panel on her armrest)
"We are fine, Admiral…"
(Looks up and sees that the main monitor is offline)
"…How goes the battle?"

(Voice only)
"We've won here. The remaining Bahn vessels cleared orbit."

LCDR Rodar sits back in her chair and takes a deep breath.

"My ships will be there in a few minutes to help your crew and the rest of the survivors there."


There debris of over forty Alliance Intrepid Cruiser spin lifelessly in space, tossed around a flurry of both large chunks and splintered Bahn orbs. Many of the Intrepid Cruisers are partially crystallized and laced with burning embers.

The view pans down to the heavily damaged forward section of the EREBUS.

The Command Bridge is still intact. There is heavy smoke and fire, and yet two figures struggle moving debris. The two figures are in encounter suits and you can hear them panting heavily as they try to remove a large section of damaged steel away from a turbo lift door.

The scene draws closer and the two figures are CDR Escher and LCDR Jeru.

(Trying to catch his breath)
"We have got to stop…just for a moment!"

"What's wrong now?"

(Still panting)
"I'm…I'm tired!…"

Out of frustration, CDR Escher stops and steps away towards the Command Chair. There, a wounded LT Ri-Jaka lies on the chair (also in an encounter suit).

(A little pissed off)
"We've got to get out of here!"

(Leaning against the slab of steel)
"You tell me how we're supposed to do that!…This piece of metal is fused to the hull."

CDR Escher looks around.

"If there was a hand phaser…"

"What we need is a phaser bank!"

CDR Escher quickly steps over to the Science Station and begins tapping on a lit terminal there.

"I told you that all the ships systems were down."

CDR Escher ignores him and tries something, anything. For her persistence, there is a tapping tone. LCDR Jeru stops panting and walks over to the terminal. He reads the data stream.

"A transporter?…what good will that do?…There's only enough energy for one to transfer!"

Suddenly the large piece of steel disappears, forcing several large damaged pieces to fall from the ceiling.

(Reading the data stream)
"We still have gravity…and the emergency force fields are still in place."

"Yeah, but for how long!"

(Taps on the terminal and reads the incoming data stream)
"Another hour or so."

Suddenly the turbo lift doors blow open, there is the sound of escaping air. The two officers walk over to the turbo lift and look out. The entire turbo lift tube has been blown away and nothing but the outside space is exposed.

"Oh my…we took a pounding!"

"I'm sure they got it just as bad."

(Pointing outward)
"Look at those ships…we sure are lucky…"
(He sees something that catches his attention)

CDR Escher begins to walk away until suddenly LCDR Jeru grabs her by the arm and forces her back to the turbo lift door.

"What the hell are you doing?"


CDR Escher wrestles her arm away and then looks out at his pointed direction. In the scattered debris field of both devastated ships and red crystallite, there is one undamaged Intrepid Cruiser holding still in space.

"There's not a scratch on her."

(Looks out, trying to identify the ship)
"She looks like one of the automated ships…She's…the Challenger."

CDR Escher taps on the communicator located on her arm.

(Voice only)

"How many personnel do you have in level seven?"

(Voice only)
"About twenty…five are injured."

"Any Engineers with you?"

"Two...In good shape…why?"

CDR Escher closes the communication circuit. Her eyes are fixed on the ship floating along side the EREBUS.

"Have you ever had zero gravity training, Jeru?"

(Thinking to himself, then reality sinks in and his eyes get wide)

The next scene has both of the officers hanging on to the outside of the EREBUS' hull. LCDR Jeru's face is filled with fear.

"This!…This is a bad idea, Commander!"

"Don't worry!…All that can happen is we go across…"
(Points downward)
"…Not down!"

LCDR Jeru looks down and sees even more ship's debris floating below.

(Under his breath)
"…Oh, hell no!…"

(With a raised eyebrow)
"What did you say?"

(With a fake smile)
"When…Whenever you're ready…"

LCDR Jeru lets go of the hull as CDR Escher activates a small thruster on the back of her encounter suit. The two officers begin to gently float outward towards the neighboring idle ship.


The remaining Alliance ships make their way out of the fray between the remaining Bahn ship's and the Species 9472 Battle Ships. On the Astro-Metrics screen of the AVENGER, a small rectangular box opens with a human projection within it. It is the Caretaker.

"We will give your ships plenty of time to safely escape, General."

"Many, many thanks to you, Caretaker!"

"There is someone else that wants to say hello."

To the Caretakers right, CDR Hanson steps into the projection and smiles.

"It is also good to see you."

"We figured that you might need our help. Shall we finish off the rest of the Bahn orbs for you, General?"

"No…There has been enough bloodshed on both ends…"
"…But I appreciate the sentiment."

Once the Alliance fleet is clear of the debris filled area, they accelerate speed and disappear into the dark regions of space.

The large black and yellow Species 8472 Battle Cruisers follow close behind, firing their pulse weapons at the last few Bahn ships trying to follow them.


There are heavily damaged Alliance ship's  (about 150) being towed along a safe orbit of Romulous. The smaller ships that are still operational patrol the outer marker, with the larger guarding the damaged ships, which are entering several makeshift shipyards for repair.  The large Council Ship is also now in orbit, surrounded by a flurry of new Alliance patrol ships.

Captains Log: Supplemental

"The war is all but over. While the Alliance tends to its wounded, cloaked scouts have uncovered that many of the Bahn's own ships are scattered throughout the Alpha Quadrant, trying to find more of their survivors. A race that once numbered in the hundreds of thousands has now been whittled down to a mere thousand. The damage to the mother ship still orbiting the planet Earth seemed almost cosmetic upon our departure, but scientists believe that the damage is done.  Unless the Bahn can reopen a spatial tear to bring in new reinforcements and food, the occupying forces left there will die out in a matter of years…"

"…We are now a patient breed of people. We will have wait to see which fate will await us."

- Scene Change -

Back in the Armada, inside the mammoth Council Ship there is a Conference Room where General Rodar, CDR Escher, the Caretaker and CDR Hanson are looking out through large vertical windows at the devastated fleet.

"It will take years to rebuild."

(Patting her shoulder with reassurance)
"But with each new re-construction, you will be reborn to see new ways of doing things better."

(To the Caretaker)
"Does this close the bridge between us?"

(Motions Hanson to step closer)
"In my life, I have come to believe that there are always possibilities, General…"
(Moves her forward)
"…Ms. Hanson will be our first Liaison to your kind."

"I reassured our people that there was more to learn from you…than to fear."

"I hope that we can be more than just allies."

(Steps closer and smirks)
"That sounds like the voice of a Scientist."

The group begins to smile and giggle at the statement.

"Well, I have to be off now…there are flowers to tend to."
(After a short pause and a smile, the old man disappears in a pulse of purple energy)

"Will we see him again?"

"You will."

The main doors to the conference room open and LCDR Rodar steps inside. Her arm is in a sling, but that does not prevent her from rushing into the room to her father.

The two embrace tightly, with a moment of tears. LCDR Rodar releases the hold from her father and looks back at the conference door. The General looks out and sees that Captain Anwanton is also standing at the door.

(In tears and smiling)
"You never did make it for lunch."

The General rushes to her and holds her tightly. Both are in tears and the General plants a long kiss on her lips. He smoothly pulls away from her.

(Smiles softly)
"Lunch is served on my ship at noon."


The entire group turns around and sees Council Leader Worf, as he steps into the room surrounded by heavily armed Alliance Guards. The officers and the Liaison Officer bow as the Councilman Worf steps up to the General.

(Looking the General over)
"You have done very well, General…You are brave…And a mighty warrior indeed!"
(He pats the General hard on the shoulders)

"This is a good day, Councilman!"

"Many songs will be sung about this day, that I promise everyone here!"
(Looks back at the General)
"Join me in my council…I need Battlelord's such as you to help run this Alliance."

"I appreciated your offer, Councilman…"
"…But my heart has always been for the commanders chair."

"I understand!…"
(Smiles and reassures him with a firm grasp of his shoulder)
"…A true warriors heart always leads the way!"
(They both step off screen)

- Scene Change -

The AVENGER is flying through space at warp speed. The General (now wearing Captain stripes again) is walking over to his Command Table. He kneels down and picks up the mold of Latinnum that is now on the floor.

As he rises to place the mold on the corner of the table, he takes a moment to look about the room. Everything is tossed about the floor, the more fragile things are broken.

(The Open-Mic activates)

(Stands tall and takes a deep breath)

CDR Escher is on the bridge, standing in front of the Captain's Chair with her arms resting behind her back. She is staring out at the main viewer. All of the senior officers are at their stations.

"We have cleared the outer marker and are now on course to the Gabriel Shipyard, Captain."

Back in the Ready room and from behind the Captain, a pair of loving arms reaches to him from behind. Anwanton is in a nightgown.

"Very well, Commander. Inform me when we have reached the Kilos Quadrant."
(The Open-Mic secures)

The Captain slowly turns around and gazes into the dark eyes of his woman.

"Come to bed….we can clean this up later."

(Smiles and looks deeply into her eyes)
"Just one more moment…please."

Anwanton nods and steps away to the bedchamber. The Captain watches as the door closes. He looks at the floor and smiles. He then steps up to the Conference table and looks out through one of the large vertical windows.

For a moment on the surface of the glass there is a reflection of Talaria's innocent smiling face. On the windows surface you can see that the Captain is smiling. But then the eye sockets on Talaria's face begins to glow bright red, and the Captain's face turns to anger. He punches at the glass forcing the image away.

The stars flow by at the speed of light…


…Ten years later…

There is a bright purple and blue sky that reaches out forever. Birds fly by on  a still light wind. The scene pans down to a large field of tall green-grass with rolling hills. There is also a stretch of forest at the end of the horizon that seems to skirt the rocky face of steep black hills.

There is the sound of children and the sound of parents all enjoying themselves. The scene pans farther in and this is where we find a slightly aged Captain Rodar (in uniform) sitting on a bench with a small six-year old Romulan boy playing at his feet.

He watches the youngster play with a model of the AVENGER and is amused by some of the sound effects that he makes.

(The little boys name is "Kilos")

"Grandpa-pa…what happened to those evil people…the Bahn?"

(A little taken that he knows about them)
"…No one really knows for sure…"
(The little boy climbs up on his lap)
"…One day they were just…gone."

"And the planet?"

(Reassuring what he's talking about)
"…It…fell back into the hands of its rightful people."

(Thinking and breaking out a coloring book)
"And the evil left just like that?"
(Trying to snap his fingers)

(Smiles, helps him open the coloring book and pats him on the head)
"Evil never leaves just 'like that', my son."

"Well...where is the AVENGER now?"

(Watching and helping him color a gray ship)
"She's…resting…for her next big assignment..."
(Leans forward and whispers into his ear)
"….I heard that they're going to secretly put her away until the Alliance really needs her again!"

The Captain and the little boy giggle. The little boy drops a gray color and jumps off of his Grandfathers lap to retrieve it. He picks it up and looks at it for a moment, then looks at the Captain.

"Mommy's ship is big, huh?"

"Next to the Avenger, it is the most powerful ship in the fleet...there are no other ship's like it."

(Stepping closer and leans into the Captain's lap rubbing his thumb on the crayon)
"What does Ack…Acks...Sel…Sier…mean?"

(Taken with a smile)
(Smiles and hugs the little boy)
"It means…Above the rest."

The little boy smiles, reaches down and picks up two toys.  One is the model of the AVENGER, the other is a larger model of a new type of ship. The child looks back at the Captain, smiles widely and runs off into the rolling hills playing with the ships.  

The coloring book falls to the ground as the Captain watches little Kilo's run off.

(Laughing and playing)
"Come Grandpa-pa…The Alliance needs you!"

The Captain smiles and quickly rises to his feet. He begins to step forth, but realizes that the coloring book and colors are spread out on the ground. He reaches down to pick them up when something at the back of the book catches his attention.

He picks up the coloring book and quickly thumbs through the book.  On the last several pages, there are six different roughly colored red snowflake's and a purple and blue planet off to its side. The Captain's eyes get wide as he stares at the coloring book in horror.

He drops the book.

The book takes forever to fall to the ground.  When it does, the pages turn by the control of the wind. The Captain looks down at the book. In the middle of the coloring book there is a detailed drawing of eight different people standing in a circle; all are holding each other's hands.  In the center of this group is the flag of the Alliance. The Captain smiles…